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Who are you?

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As you have probably gathered by now, my name is Robert Messerle and I've been developing webs professionally since 2008, or unprofessionally since 2000 or so. My primary skills revolve around HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and oxford commas; however, my interests span the entire web development stack.

While I've spent most of my professional career writing code, I also have a strong interest in design. As such, I tend to enjoy working with more visual projects and pushing pixels around like some sort of pixel-bully. Take that, pixels!

Some career highlights involve working as a software engineer at Facebook, where I tinkered with React and evangelized React Hooks. Before that, I was a member of the Angular team at Google, obsessing over animations and Material Design. And I'm sure some other stuff happened before that too, but I can't be expected to remember that far back.

Well, aside from that...

Do you have any hobbies?


Well, okay — I guess I occasionally do things that aren't programming. Sometimes that involves photography, drumming, playing video games, or pretending that I live in the various Ikea showrooms.


I've worked on


Angular is a web application framework used to build maintainable single-page applications. My primary contributions were to the Animation API.

Angular Material

While at Google, my primary focus was Angular Material - a frontend library that makes it easy to create good-looking interfaces with Angular. This library was based on Google's Material Design specifications.



Fixed Content Reveal

Fixed Content Reveal

This was an idea I had back in the days when the internet was obsessed with parallax scroll effects. It was also an opportunity for me to tinker with React Hooks.
Animated Spiral

Animated Spiral

I was feeling mathy at some point, so I decided to animate an infinitely growing spiral. I'm curious how long it would have to run before it stopped working.
Calendar Concept

Calendar Concept

An idea for an obnoxious animation that I had based on the Material Design hierarchical timing examples in their animation docs.
CSS Text Effect

CSS Text Effect

An idea I had back when :nth-of-type() was fancy and new, and I wanted to write some styles that would alternate between each letter in a phrase.

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