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Who am I?

Hi, my name is Robert Messerle and I've been developing webs for over 15 years.

My primary focus has been on frontend development utilizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; but I've also done a good deal of backend development using Node.JS, PHP, and Ruby/Rails.

Aside from programming, I am also very interested in design. I spend a good deal of time tinkering with Photography and Photoshop.

What have you worked on?

I started out at a company called R/GA where I worked on websites for Nike such as Nike+, Nike Basketball, Nike Sportswear, and other brand sites. Since then, I've worked for companies including Yahoo!, LinkedIn, and currently Google where I work as a member of the AngularJS team.

Along the way, I've created a number of one-off projects in my spare time such as Bobbograph and RecoilJS. The best places to see examples of my work would be on Github and CodePen which can be found below. You can also find my Photography by going to my Flickr page.

Projects I've worked on


AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript application framework.

Most of my work regarding AngularJS has been on Angular Material, but more recently I have been working with Matias Niemela on ngAnimate for Angular2.


Angular Material

Angular Material is an open-source collection of UI components built on top of AngularJS.



Bobbograph is a line graphing tool that I originally developed with Nike+ in mind. While exploring various graphing tools, I found that none of them allowed the level of visual customization that we needed for Nike, so in my free time, I developed my own library that could handle the visual needs of the project. Last time I checked, it was still being used on multiple Nike websites.



RecoilJS is a data-binding library that I wrote for fun a few years ago. I was inspired by the methods that AngularJS used for its dirty-checking, so I wanted to try my own take on it.

The methods I used in RecoilJS turned out to be very close to what Angular 2 is using with Zone.js.


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